Lupe Kuhn Corp. Secretary

I am married and a 30-year Tri-Cities resident. I have a BA in Social Sciences and a Master’s degree in teaching. My work experience includes: 6 years as a contracts and procurement specialist for Co-gema Engineering; 10 years as a program coordinator and counselor to WSU Master’s students in the Education, Science and Engineering Departments; 5 years as a Quality Assurance and Quality Control technical writer for Westinghouse Nuclear; and 5 years as a Quality Control records technician at Morrison Knudsen responsible for employee and Company Nuclear Power records. I am retired and have been an active volunteer including: tutoring at-risk students through graduation; gleaning fresh produce from local commercial, individual and college experimental fields and orchards with the non-profit organization Fields of Grace for distribution through Benton and Franklin Counties food banks; and helping organize the RCC senior picnic and RSA Dancing Under the Stars.